Credit Plus – What is Personal Contract Purchase?

The Brief

LoveLove were approached by Creditplus to produce a TV Commercial. Creditplus desired a TV commercial that would be a friendly and open introduction to their car finance services. Through concept meetings with the client, it was decided that a fun style of animation would suit the brand and through ‘Benny’s Story’ showcase their service.

The Process

LoveLove’s in-house writer worked on developing ‘Benny’s story’ with feedback and collaboration from the client. Following this, our in-house animation team began creating the assets and the animation process began! Alongside this LoveLove handled the Clearcast process on behalf of the client, resulting in a smooth transition from script and substantiation doc stage through to the upload of the final clocked cut of the commercial.

The Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) video follows the Barry, Beth and baby Brian from the Bright family. They need a bigger car, so choose to use a Personal Contract Purchase agreement to give them low monthly payments and flexibility at the end of their finance term. To see how it works, watch the video below.

The Result

LoveLove Films were extremely pleased with the end result and the TV advert for Credit Plus car finance will be aired in the following regions Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Little Hampton covering the south coast! The TV advert has gone live at the beginning of July, across various Sky Channels.

Mark Humphrys, Head of Digital and Marketing at Creditplus can be quoted: ‘We hired the team at LoveLove Films to help us to produce a set of videos. We work in a complex industry but LoveLove did a fantastic job at planning out the project, working with us to get the right message, and then finally delivering a set of videos that we love and that help to simplify the products that we provide. Georgina led the project really well. She was able to ensure that we didn’t run behind schedule and most importantly delivered excellent results. If you are looking for a company to produce your videos for you I would highly recommend Georgina and the team at LoveLove Films!