TRESemmé – #PowerYourPresence

Presence Masterclass - Mentor Video

The Brief

LoveLove Films were commissioned by multi-national hair care brand TRESemmé, owned by Unilever, to produce video and animation content for their exciting new masterclass The Presence MasterClass™.

Multinational haircare brand TRESemmé, owned by Unilever, commissioned LoveLove Films to produce video and animation content for their exciting new masterclass The Presence MasterClass™. The Presence MasterClass™ is a free 7-part course designed to help women succeed in their lives, not just with their hair. It does this by showing women ways of overcoming self-doubt and achieving their goals, helping them to #PowerYourPresence.

TEESemmé and The International Center for Research on Women crafted The Presence MasterClass™, a 7-part course designed to help women #PowerYourPresence and succeed in their working lives – whatever ‘success’ means to them. At LoveLove Films, we were responsible for creating video and animations for The Presence MasterClass™, which became available as a free resource for women everywhere on May 27th 2019.

The Process

For the Presence MasterClass™, there were three different kinds of video content that TRESemmé needed: influencer case studies, tutorials and visualisations. We decided that live-action would be best for the influencer case studies and filmed three inspiring women: Loulou Storey, Shalini Bhalla-Lucas and Kiko Matthews. They all talked about their journeys and how they power their own presence.

We then edited these case studies into 19 live action videos which could be placed in the MasterClass to personalise the learning material and make the content more succinct. These videos aimed to introduce users to the scenario and share others experiences in relation to the learning exercise.

For the tutorials and visualisations we pitched several different animated styles which included voice over guiding the user through a step by step learning process where they could develop a personalised solution. The style that was chosen by TRESemmé included the mentor talking through the tutorial as a voice over in a relatable way as images of confident women appear with an animated backdrop in TRESemmé’s signature black and white. The words being spoken would animate onto the screen in a dynamic way around the women to create interesting and eye-catching layouts and visuals that would illustrate the story, playing out in a youthful and textured aesthetic.

We set up a photography shoot with four models in a variety of poses and styles to get the images of the confident women that we could comp into the animated background and our animation department got started on creating the 11 animated mentor videos and visualisations.

We also created over 100 still images for The Presence MasterClass™ which, along with the video content, can be seen throughout.

The Result

The Presence MasterClass™ became available as a free resource for all women everywhere from 27th May. It can be accessed by clicking here.

TRESemmé partnered up with ITV Hub to launch #PowerYourPresence, a series of videos in which Alesha Dixon, Emma Willis and Christine Lampard share their own experiences of imposter syndrome, overcoming self-doubt and pivotal moments in life. They meet with other inspirational women (including Loulou, Shalini and Kiko who we filmed for the influencer case studies) to talk through their journeys and give you tips on how you can power your presence.

To watch all 7 episodes now, click here.