The Super Orgasm Tv Graphics – Channel 4




The Brief

LoveLove Films were commissioned by renowned production company ITN to produce a set of TV graphics for Channel 4 Programme ‘ The Super Orgasm‘ –  The Super Orgasm Tv Graphics

ITN sought TV graphic sequences that were informative, educational but also were also easy for the viewer to understand.

The programme ‘The Super Orgasm’ examines the mysterious science of the female orgasm, probing into groundbreaking new scientific research involving an unusual phenomenon known as the ‘Super Orgasm’.

This daring, fresh and original Channel 4 documentary takes the viewer through the real-life experiences of women who have encountered the unusual sexual phenomenon. The programme also interviews worldwide leading academics and medical professionals who guide us through the fascinating science of the female orgasm.

The Process

LoveLove Films presented several TV graphics and animation styles to ITN and we were delighted that they chose a stop-motion style that entwined mixed media assets. This was a fun, friendly and informative way to depict what happens to the body whilst experiencing a ‘Super Orgasm.’

First, we created storyboards for each of the graphic sequences. Each one detailing the different effects the ‘Super Orgasm’ has on the woman’s body and mind.

We created all our own assets, which included sourcing a nude model. We held a female crew only nude shoot at our HQ Cinechrome studios.

LoveLove Films and our talented team of animators then combined both the life model and the animation assets to create a unique paper collage style that animated as if it were a stop motion. The Super Orgasm Tv Graphics graphic sequence involved using a variety of creative methods to produce visually engaging, eloquent, hypnotic and powerful motion graphics.

The Result.

The show gained much attention and publicity, having been featured in The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan Magazine to name a few.

ITN were delighted with our fast turnaround and graphics and we have since been commissioned by the production company to work on yet another set of 2D animated TV graphics for another show they are in production with.

On working with us, Helen – Production Manager at ITN Productions said;

“LoveLove Films were a pleasure to work with. They delivered fantastic graphics within budget and on time. I would happily recommend them and look forward to working with them on the next one!”

Director Liz, also of ITN Productions, said;

“Channel 4 bosses love the animation you did, we all love it; it humanises all the science beautifully so huge thanks to you, your animators and team and the model for your patience and creativity.”

The Super Orgasm Tv Graphics – Graphics Produced by Lovelove Films