The Magic Potties – potty training video

The Brief

Lovelove Films was approached by Amanda Jenner, Managing Director of both My Carry Potty and the Potty Training Academy, to produce an educational animation for children and parents on Potty training. The potty training video ‘The Magic Potties’ is an informative and educational animated film and DVD, complete with extra features, such as a potty training video quiz. Amanda is widely known as the UK’s foremost potty training expert and is a Huggies Training ambassador. Since inventing My Carry Potty over 15 years ago and launching into stores worldwide 5 years ago, Amanda has also written a book and is always looking for further inventive ways of teaching important developmental lessons to children.


The Process

The potty training video animations are the culmination of Amanda and LoveLove Films team members working together to create an inventive and original story that would appeal to a wide range of young children who need to embark upon potty training. ‘The Magic Potties’ project has allowed our team of animators to delve into a new animation style and gave them a taste of animating content for children. Adapting Amanda’s book ‘George & Holly and the Magic Potties’ characters into a 15 minute animation with new and exciting scenes for the younger viewer including scenes in space, the beach and exciting flights on bumblebees! The animations consists of an array of additional learning resources

The Result

Both the book and DVD will be tied into Amanda Jenner’s potty training programme and are to be used as an educational resource throughout nursery schools and educational centres worldwide and will be available for the public to buy

Join George & Hollie as they take that first grown-up step using their very own special potties in this delightfully animated DVD. The use of animated characters is an effective way of engaging toddlers. Taking the twins on a magical adventure, the story will encourage children on their own potty training journey. It gently addresses some of the concerns toddlers typically experience when toilet training such as wetting their clothes and using a potty when out and about. The DVD includes a fun interactive quiz for the children and features Amanda Jenner’s Top Tips for Potty Training. Running time approx. 21 Minutes.